The mission of the Union is to follow its vision and to provide every opportunity for it to flourish and become a reality. The first thing in our mission is to unite – by putting side by side our knowledge, experience and skills. The struggle for the recovery of a real value will not be easy, and one long sailing is now upon us.

We have a fickle wind before us - but we are all experienced enough to lead our ship in the right direction. The idea is to improve every aspect of maritime affairs, starting from the begining - our mission is to achieve the best possible conditions for all those children who are just learning the basics of our vocation - we will provide them with the education that will show the world, on their very first voyage, that Montenegrins have a sea foam in their veins and understand the language of waves.

We'll find a way to all the institutions that make any decision on our behalf, we will raise our voice to be heard in all decisions that affect us.

We will negotiate with all private institutions - banks and companies, so we could facilitate everyday logistics. We will try to find a common language with them, just to make all our tasks and plans easy to perform no matter where are we, at sea or our home.

Of course, a big part of our mission is to help and support: we are ready to boost each seafarer’s situation, look upon his family, and the entire society. Even history speaks about seafarers’ philanthropy and its importance to this proffesion: Statutes of the Confraternity of Kotor Seaman (Boka Kotorska Bay Navy) from 1463 is one of the oldest sources that testifies to the charity activities in Montenegro. Following the noble vision of the Confraternity, the Union has also been active in terms of providing any kind of assistance to seafarers, mainly members of the UNION, threatened in any way, both on board and on land. The support that members have in the Union is created out of a desire that all professionals in the industry stick together, helping and preserving each other’s well-being, because nobody knows better than us how bitter is our „bread with seven crusts”. In addition, we would like to follow the noble tradition of our ancestors and improve society and our country of origin – so we set Union on the mission to help as much as it is in its power, making thus our homeland the best possible place to live in.

Our vision is accompanied by a clear mission that consists of concrete goals and plans. Let’s unite and show by our own example who Montenegrin seamen are and what we mean to our country!