UNION OF SEAFARERS MONTENEGRO, as a non-governmental, voluntary and not-for-profit organization that carries out an economic activity, has based its vision on continuous activities directed to the overall benefit of a professional seaman. The Union was created as an organization committed to improving the working and living conditions of seafarers, maintaining their dignity and preserving long maritime tradition our country holds.

We believe that a long tradition of seafaring, which Montenegro is proud of, should be carefully nurtured and developed, and the keepers of this tradition, brave seamen, should be able to take pleasure in a kind of life they earned by their work.

It is a huge injustice that seafarers do not find a safe and secure port in their homeland, instead - they often face even harsher winds and rougher storms than those they fight on the sea. Without losing hope that things can and will be better, we created a vision in which upon their return to Montenegro all the seamen return to a warm home, where every kind of support and high esteem awaits for them. For that vision to become a reality, we all need to come together – in unison.

Our vision is also our mission – and that is the society where every seaman is a fender and a halyard to each one of his sea brothers.